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Spreading Knowledge


Imam Fode Drame, authors books, gives free spirituality classes shared via YouTube and delivers talks and lectures internationally.


Community Support


 Zawiyah Foundation provides free counseling, assistance and as well as other forms of tailored of support to individuals and families.



 In Vancouver, Zawiyah offers a peaceful space for the five daily prayers and is open all day for anyone seeking a tranquil space for meditation and reflection.


Founding Education


 Zawiyah Foundation founded Qawsain Knowledge House, a local elementary school, geared toward a rounded spiritually sound upbringing.

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Zawiyah Foundation believes in promoting peace through open  interfaith dialogue and has built strong ties with faith leaders from different traditions in Vancouver and beyond.

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Excerpt: Stages of Spiritual Growth

Imam Fode Drame

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The 99 Names of Allah

Imam Fode Drame


In this uplifting and enlightening work Imam Fode Drame gives an in depth explanation of God’s 99 names. He first categorizes these names as God’s personal name, God’s names of quality or God’s names of action.  He then carefully explains each name’s meaning, relating each name to timeless spiritual truths. This is the first work of its kind in that Imam Drame reveals how each name allows us to better understand the message of the Qur’an.


This book is a seminal addition to books on the ‘Asma al Husna’ available in the English language, as it not only explains each name according to classical doctrine, but also deeply ties into Quranic exegesis that Imam Fode teaches; thus it is a work that is foundational for spiritual growth.

Qawsain Knowledge House


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