Zawiyah is not defined by a physical location but a meeting point between creation and the Creator, and between the creation among themselves, ideas, visions, and ideologies.


Founder and President

Imam Fode Drame


About Zawiyah Foundation

by Imam Fode Drame


The Vision


Zawiyah Foundation's vision is to spread love and happiness and build a three dimensional relationship between man and his Creator, between man and himself, and between him and the entire creation.


The Three Dimensional Relationship


This three dimensional relationship consists of remembrance (dhikr), "Remember me and I will remember you" (The Quran, 2:152), love "He loves them and they love Him" (The Quran, 3:31), and happiness, "He is happy with them, and they are happy with Him" (The Quran, 58:22).


The Absolute Citizen


The Absolute Citizen is the one who is immersed in remembrance of God, one who has a beautiful character, and one who finds happiness in Service to humanity.


The Conducive Environment


The Foundation aims at facilitating the achievement of this vision by creating a conducive environment whereby relevant guidance and instructions are made available to all those who are seeking to become absolute citizens of an absolute universe. Those conducive environments include institutions, which may or may not be physical locations, and building forums through media and communication.

A Brief History of the Foundation





In 2005, Imam Fode Drame realized that the best way to share what God had blessed him with would be to establish an independent platform to disseminate this teaching globally. This conviction lead him to found Zawiyah Foundation. Since then, the Foundation has been working to fulfill his vision and year by year his message has been reaching more and more individuals across the world.

Different Looks, Same Name & Same Mission




Spreading Knowledge


Visit our International page to view Imam's speeches outside Canada.


  • Imam Fode Drame's translation of the Holy Quran, Anwarul-Quran, was published by the foundation's publishing arm, Tasleem Publications, in 2013
  • Five volumes of Imam's writings called Expansions have been printed since 2013.
  • Imam Fode Drame's highest selling book, The 99 Names of Allah is currently sold in 5 different countries and is used in an Islamic Studies course on Islam in Africa at the University of Michigan.




  • Zawiyah Foundation is the first Islamic organization to host interfaith dialogues in Vancouver, BC. It has continuously been organizing yearly interfaith events, dialogues, and workshops since 2005.




  • Zawiyah has become famous as an open space for individuals to come and feel at home.
  • Zawiyah has also been hosting twice-a-week Tafsir of Quran classes since it's inception completely free of charge, these lessons are further disseminated on social media and the internet.
  • Countless individuals have been fed, clothed, and helped in various ways through both Hastings Program and the Zakat Fund.




  • Zawiyah has been maintaining a prayer space  and hosting daily prayers, jumuah and weekly dhikr circles for over a decade now.


Founding Education


  • Zawiyah Foundation recently established Qawsain Knowledge House, its first initiative in putting its educational vision into practice. Qawsain has now grown into a fully certified school (achieving its certification in record time) and is the first Muslim private school in the city of Vancouver.

Notable Achievements

What's Ahead

Zawiyah's activities continue to grow; Imam has many manuscripts in the queue for publication by Tasleem Publications, these include works in Arabic, English, and Suriani (Hieroglyphics). Qawsain Knowledge House needs more classrooms as the school is growing.  Zawiyah's humble worship space gets filled wall to wall, and there continues to be individuals in need who count on the Foundation for help and support.


As society evolves and individuals grow, Zawiyah's core programs constantly need to expand and evolve with it. This expansion, is -- through God's help -- only made possible by the contribution of donors and volunteers.


Masjid Tawbah


Imam's vision for the ultimate growth of our foundation is to build a mosque, Masjid Tawbah, in Vancouver, which will house the Zawiyah  headquarters, and to also spread "Zawiyah's" all across the world.


Qawsain Knowledge House


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