Introduction to the Study of the Quran


Method of Delivery

In-person or online (see Semester 1 Calendar)



September 19 - December 21, 2018



7022 Victoria Drive, Vancouver BC

6945 Victoria Drive, Vancouver BC


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Wednesdays, 7 - 9 PM


Online Delivery

Class recordings to be released every Friday

3 Livestream Sessions (see Semester 1 Calendar)


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$500 CAD + $100 CAD registration fee


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September 14, 2018



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LEVEL I: Introduction to the Study of the Quran




This level aims at introducing the student to the Quranic methodology and themes. These themes concentrate in particular on the ethical teachings of the Quran, emphasizing the fact that the Quran above all is a book of character.





In Unit 1, the seven beautiful characteristics are introduced. Unit 2 deals with the study of man. It focuses on identifying the distinctive features of human beings which separate them from non-human beings. It explores the various human faculties, both innate and acquired and further puts into perspective the tri-dimensional relationship between God, His word, and man.


The All Merciful. He taught the Quran. He created the human being. He taught him articulation. (The Quran, chapter The All Merciful, 55:1-4)


Unit 1  The Seven Words of the Quran


Lesson 1: The Seven Words and their Constituents

Lesson 2: The Growth and Expansion of the Word

Lesson 3: The Models of Ibrahim and Muhammad (peace be upon them)


Unit 2  Humanities: Man’s Creation and Evolution


Lesson 1: Maintaining the Balance Between the Old and New Disposition

Lesson 2: Humans and their Faculties

Lesson 3: The Human Heart

Lesson 4: The Soul and Spirit

Lesson 5: Rest and Journey

Lesson 6: Mulk and Malakut

Lesson 7: Waking and Sleeping

Lesson 8:  Commandment and Creation

Lesson 9: Remembrance, Reflection, Gazing and Sighting





Assessments will be done via 1 quiz and 2 written assignments. The dates are at the discretion of Imam Fode Drame. All assignments must be emailed to ImamFodeDrame@zawiyah.ca



Course Materials


  • Level I: Introduction to the Study of the Quran Textbook, Imam Fode Drame
  • The Rejuvenation of the Soul, Imam Fode Drame
  • Anwar al-Quran, Imam Fode Drame



Online Study


  • Both online students and in-class students will have access to the class recordings once a week.
  • 3 Livestream sessions will be offered (see calendar).
  • Livestream recordings will be uploaded alongside the class recordings.





Refer to Qawsain’s Semester 1 Calendar for the in-person class, online class uploads, and livestream schedule.

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