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The Seven Words Tour

Sydney, Australia


Event locations:


July 24: Tafsir of Surah Rahman

Isra Institute @ 7 PM



July 25: The Messenger (PBUH): The Quran and Word in Action

11 Kakirra Place, Eight Miles Plains @ 8:30 PM



July 26: Jumuah + Clarity Amongst Anxiety

Minto Masjid @ 7 PM

(Address: 44-48 Westmoreland Rd, Minto NSW 2566)



July 27: Ya-Sin Unfolded

Daar al-Muddathir @ 7 PM

70 Orchardleigh St, Yennora NSW, 2161



July 27: Earning Allah's Love: the Life of Prophet Muhammad (Mawlid)

Cambratta Masjid @ 7 PM



July 28: The Importance of Following a Guide: Musa and Al-Khidr

Dar Ibn Al-Muddathir @ 7 PM


Cost is free!


Imam Fode Drame's books will be available for purchase.


Contact our Sydney hosts: 0451.586.206

Contact Zawiyah Foundation:


See you there!




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