Course Plan

The first level is called the general level. This level aims at introducing the student to the Quranic methodology. Secondly, an introduction to the Quranic themes. These themes concentrate in particular on the ethical teachings of the Quran, emphasizing the fact that the Quran above all is a book of character. At this point the seven beautiful characteristics are introduced, with a little bit of detail on the first two characteristics: Tawbah and Tahara (Repentance, Candor).


The third subsection in this level deals with the study of man. It focuses on identifying the distinctive features of human beings which separates them from non-human beings. It explores the various human faculties, both innate and acquired. It further puts into perspective the tridimensional relationship between God, His word, and man.


The All Merciful. He taught the Quran. He created the human being. He taught him articulation. (The Quran, chapter The All Merciful, 55:1-4)

Registrations for Fall 2018 open July 16.

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