2018 GOALS

Preserve 80 + Works


Imam Fode Drame has authored over 80 works in Arabic and Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Currently, the vast majority of these texts exist as handwritten manuscripts, preserved in notebooks and binders in Imam Fode’s private library. Zawiyah Foundation's 2018 goal is to catalog and digitize these works to prepare them for future translation and publication as dual-language volumes.


Estimated cost: $8,000


Publish the next 3 Expansions volumes


For nearly a decade, Imam Fode’s English-language writings have been collected and published in edited volumes. Titled Expansions, each volume is thematic and focuses on a specific area of Imam's spiritual teachings. Currently, five volumes of the Expansions series have been published, the most recent of which are The Rejuvenation of the Soul (2014) and The 99 Names of Allah (2015). Zawiyah Foundation’s 2018 goal is to edit and publish theee additional Expansions volumes.


Estimated cost: $16,000 (includes print costs)


Publish the first book in the Akhlaq series


The Book of Noble Characteristics (Kitab Fada’il al-Akhlaq) is one of Imam Fode’s most recent works. Composed in Arabic and completed in 2017, this text represents a concise and comprehensive elaboration of the seven qualities God loves in His servants: repentance (tawba), purity (tahara), reverence (taqwa), patience (sabr), excellence (ihsan), reliance upon God (tawakkul), and uprightness (qist). Using examples from the Quran and the Prophetic biography, Imam Fode thoroughly describes each of these qualities and their opposites, while also outlining the path by which the reader can attain these characteristics and, thereby, enter into the ranks of God’s beloved and righteous servants. Zawiyah Foundation’s 2018 goal is to edit, translate and publish the first dual-language volume of this work, which covers the characteristics of repentance (tawba) and purity (tahara).


Estimated cost: $9,750 (includes print costs)


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