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Breaking Faith

Vancouver Courier (front page)


November 13, 2005

By Tom Sandborn


The events in this article took place one month before the conception of Zawiyah Foundation.





EXCERPT: Why is Drame at the centre of all this controversy? Some supporters suggest he is being punished for his pioneering work in multi-faith dialogue, work that has seen him participating in mixed gatherings of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs. Over the last year, Drame helped organize monthly interfaith meetings, sometimes at Masjid ul-Haqq, sometimes at non-Muslim houses of worship and community centres.


Others wonder whether the fact the prayer leader is the only black imam in B.C. might have something to do with his troubles. Still others suggest the trouble stems from his support for greater participation in worship and study by Muslim women.


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CBC Documentary on Imam Fode Drame and Zawiyah Foundation

February 24, 2008



FRENCH EXCERPT: À Vancouver, l’imam Fodé Dramé est connu pour sa modernité. L’égalité de sexes, le dialogue avec les juifs, la séparation de la culture et de la foi sont des thèmes centraux de son discours. Ces idées soulèvent l’ire des traditionalistes, mais séduisent de nombreux jeunes. Pour l’imam Fodé Dramé, c’est ainsi qu’on peut concilier les valeurs canadiennes avec celles de l’islam et former des imams sur le sol canadien.


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Spirit of the West

Vancouver Magazine


March 2, 2008

By Tyee Bridge / Photo: John Sinal



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Interview with Imam Fode Drame on the Harpreet Singh Show


December 16, 2012





Radio Canada’s Coverage of Zawiyah’s "Eid Caravan"

July 2013





Book Talk with Imam Fode Drame on the Harpreet Singh Show


February 16, 2015




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