'Itikaf  2020


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  1. 2 Rakahs of Intention
  2. Istighfar of Sayyidina Adam (Rabbana dhalamna anfusana…) [Surah Al-Araf 7:23] 700 times
  3. Salawaat: Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina Muhammad al-Nabiyil ummi al makhsus bi-al-sab’ ul mathani wal Qur’an al ‘adheem wa sallim tasleeman. 700 times
  4. Basmallah 1111 times as usual
  5. Ya Raheem Ya Wadood 72 000 times, if one cannot complete it: 42 000 times





More details:


  • The cycle goes from Maghrib to Maghrib. Whatever is not complete carries into the next day.
  • The 2 Rakah of intention is only to be performed once for the whole i'tikaf period (not daily).
  • If one cannot complete the 72 000 times, they can do 42 000 instead. If one cannot complete the 42 000 in one day, they should carry it into the next day.
  • Sleep at night should be completely avoided. One should stay awake until Doha or until Dhuhr.
  • The basmallah is broken down into units (like the first wird students would get from Imam).
  • For someone who has never taken the first wird he/she would say the basmallah once, followed by the salawaat once on #3, then he/she would say the basmallah 10 times, followed by #3 once, then the basmallah 100 times followed by #3 once, then 1000 times, with again #3 once.
  • "Ya Raheem, Ya Wadud" is also broken into units: 2000, then the salawaat (either from the their wird, or for those who don't have a wird, then the salawat from #3), followed by 70 000 (or 40 000), then the salawaat.





If one has not completed the "ya Raheem, ya Wadud" 42 000 times and wants to add the salawat: before adding in the salawat, one must finish first the "ya Wadud, ya Raheem" 42 000 times.


If one has not completed the 42 000 by Maghrib by the first day: he should continue it into the next day. Then once they complete the 42 000, he must start a fresh new cycle (he does not add the missing salawat).


If one has completed the 42 000 by Maghrib: he can try to fulfill whatever amount of the 700 salawat that he can do before Maghrib. Once Maghrib kicks in, he must start the new cycle even if he missed the complete amount of salawat.



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