God has blessed me with some light,” he said. “It is my duty to help my fellow human being as much as I can. That’s what gives meaning to my existence. I am in the footsteps of my ancestors, who have always been engaged in the mission of spreading the word of God by peaceful means. That is why interfaith work is so important.”


The Courier's interview with Imam Fode Drame,

November 2005




Continuing Islam's Tradition

Written by Fode Drame


Zawiyah Foundation's interfaith initiative is well within the living traditions of Islam. This initiative was first taken by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him, when he sent a group of his followers to East Africa in the land of Abyssinia, a Christian country headed by a Christian king, The Negus. This event brought a full-on interaction between the Muslims and the Christians whereby the Muslims were exposed to the Christian way of life while on the other hand, the Christians had a chance to see what Islam was like. This interaction between the two communities continued to flourish.


The second initiative was taken by the Prophet after his migration to Medina, where he drew a peace pact with the resident Jewish communities. This pact considered the Muslims and the Jews one nation (ummatun wahidah).

About Zawiyah's Interfaith Initiative

Every year, since 2005, Imam Fode Drame selects a topic and invites leaders of different faith backgrounds to come and share their perspective regarding the selected theme. The purpose of these events is to find a common ground and promote respect and understanding for our neighbors of different faiths.




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