The 7 Words of God



Time: Tuesdays 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST

November 10 – December 22

Taught exclusively by Imam Fode Drame


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Course Description


“This Quran is sent down upon seven words.” – Prophet Muhammad  ﷺ


What are the seven characteristics that Allah loves? How can we cultivate them, and how can they help us understand the Quran as a whole? In this class, Imam Fode Drame will introduce us to these key concepts and teach us how to use them to unlock our understanding of the Quran and build our relationship with Allah.


This 7-week class will cover the following topics, drawing from the Quran Level I textbook:


1)     Introduction to the Seven Words

2)     The Seven Words and Their Opposites

3)     The Seven Words and Their Constituents

4)     The Seven Opposites and Their Constituents

5)     The Relationship Between Word and Character

6)     The Growth and Expansion of the Word

7)     Two Exemplary Prophetic Models


After completing the course, students have the option to enroll in Imam Fode’s Higher Education classes on the Qur’an, which covers these and many other topics in much more details.



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